Peter Oostelbos

Peter Oostelbos is coach, trainer, speaker, teacher, writer, and researcher at Coach Practice De Hartenboom in Randwijk, the Netherlands. In addition, Peter volunteers at the Depression Association of The Netherlands.

Peter is diagnosed with recurring endogenous major depressive disorder. He had his first depression when he was eleven years old. During his entire lifetime he has had about fifty depressive episodes.

Intensive training, self-research and self-treatment made him an expert in self-management. Peter managed to fully accept his depressions and to become conscious of the triggers that lead to depression. He sees his depression as a pattern with the option to choose for the pattern or not. So, to be or not to be depressed has now become a choice. At the ISAD conference 2016 in Amsterdam he was invited to speak about this subject.

Peter Oostelbos has evolved into a formidable expert by experience. He authored the book ‘De kracht van depressie’ (The Power of Depression) based on his life dealing with depression and the research he did on the subject. Peter is involved in several scientific programs at the Radboud University and Pro Persona and co-authored several scientific articles. Peter attends national and international conferences. He gives lectures and master classes to both students and professionals. He has been most helpful to many people.