Marylou Selo

Marylou Selo was born in Bolivia, raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and went to Interpreter School in Geneva, Switzerland and in Washington, D.C. (Georgetown University).
She makes her home in New York City.

Shortly after graduating from Georgetown University she passed the State Department Exam for Interpreters and has been working as a State Department contractor for Dutch and German.

Marylou has also worked as a conference interpreter in the United States, Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium. She had the honor to interpret for Queen Beatrix, King Willem Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima. In addition, Marylou works as a Court Interpreter in the United States.

Her outside interests include travel, classical music, the arts, reading, swimming, ice skating, and hiking. In her free time she works as a volunteer patient-advocate in the Mental Health Field. For this work she has received the Aretäus Award in 2014 in Germany and the ISBD (International Society for Bipolar Disorders) Advocacy Award in 2016 in Amsterdam.