Bruno Etain

Bruno Etain is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Paris in France.

He received his medical training and completed his psychiatric residency in France at the University Paris Descartes. In 2009, he achieved his PhD in Human Pathophysiology in the University of Paris East. His main domains of research are: genetic factors, early environmental factors (mainly childhood trauma), circadian rhythms and response to lithium in mood disorders. He has contributed to more than 200 articles about bipolar and mood disorders.

Since 2008, he is one of the two executive directors of the FACE-BD network (FondaMental Advanced Centers of Expertise for Bipolar Disorder) that gathers 15 centres of expertise for Bipolar Disorders in France.
Bruno Etain is also appointed as a visiting researcher at the Centre for Affective Disorders (Pr AH Young), IOPPN, King’s College of London, UK.