Terms & Conditions


The purpose of this policy is to address the conduct expected of ISAD Webinar participants and to outline steps that may be taken when conduct does not align with expectations. For purposes of this policy, “participant” is defined as any individual registered attendee, speaker, organizer, staff, sponsor, or guest associated with official ISAD Webinar. This policy applies to ISAD 2020 Webinar.

ISAD is committed to fostering a welcoming environment that is safe, collaborative, and productive for dialogue and discovery for all participants. ISAD strives to create an equitable environment where diverse voices are active in all aspects of our society. This necessitates a culture of inclusion, in which all individuals feel respected and are treated fairly.

All who register to participate, attend, speak at, or sponsor ISAD 2020 Webinar agree to comply with this policy.

Only registered participants may attend the Webinar; persons without a valid conference registration and/or ISAD membership will be removed from the Webinar platform.

ISAD expects all participants to respect common sense rules for public behaviour, personal interaction, courtesy, and respect for private property.

ISAD reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the mechanisms for electronic participation when this becomes necessary or advisable for technical or security reasons.

ISAD ensures, to the extent reasonably possible, that the technical infrastructure for virtual participation in the Webinar is properly in place, secured and accessible for participants with compatible devices.

Any failure in virtual meeting equipment, software, network infrastructure, servers, internet or telephone connectivity, an electrical power outage or similar events, including an information security incident (which includes any unauthorized use, hacking, a denial of services attack, a denial of access, any failure or intrusion resulting from the theft or unlawful interception of a password or network access code and any other cyber-attack), that might prevent virtual participation in the Webinar will in any event be at the risk and to the account of the participant.

ISAD may decide at their own discretion, taking into account the potential impact on the decision making-process within the Webinar, whether or not the Webinar must be suspended or cancelled due to a technical failure, or proceed without the possibility for some or all participants to participate and/or follow the Webinar.

Webinar sessions will be recorded and will be made available after the Webinar to the registered participants. The registration will remain after the Webinar to obtain access to the session recordings.