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ISAD 2020 Webinar:
Difficult to treat depression (TRD). What guidelines tell us and beyond.
14:00 -14:05 5 mins Opening Session
    Prof. Jair Soares - ISAD President
14:05 -14:40 35 mins Session 1: Treatment Guidelines until Where Do They Guide Us
    Moderator: Prof. Jair Soares
  25 mins Treatment Guidelines until Where Do They Guide Us
Prof. Anthony Cleare
  10 mins Q & A
14:40 -15:25 45 mins Session 2: Psycho Education and Nutritional Interventions
    Moderated by: Prof. Paolo Brambilla
  10 mins A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Mood and Anxiety Disorders During
COVID-19 Era

Sara Pozzoli
  10 mins Mood Disorders and Nutraceuticals
Elisabetta Caletti
  10 mins Psychoeducation Approaches for Mood Disorders in The Covid-19 Era
Valentina Ciappolino
  10 mins Influencing The Microbiome to Treat Psychiatric Disorders
Viktoriya Nikolova
  5 mins Q & A
15:25 -15:35 10 mins BREAK
 15:35-16:10 35 mins Session 3: Augmentation in TRD: with what and when?
    Moderator: Prof. Allan Young
  25 mins Augmentation in TRD: With What and When?
Dr. Eric Ruhe
  10 mins Q & A
16:10-16:45 35 mins Session 4: Treatment Resistant Depression and Psychotherapy

Moderator: Dr. Eric Ruhe

   25 mins

Effective Psychotherapy for Refractory Depression: Blending Evidence with Practical Implementation

Dr. Sagar Parikh

  10 mins Q & A
16:45-16:55 10 mins BREAK
16:55-17:30 35 mins Session 5: Which neuromodulatory treatments are relevant for TRD and when?
     Moderator: Prof. Jair Soares
  25 mins Optimizing Neuromodulatory Treatments for Difficult-to-Treat Depression
Dr. Sudhakar Selvaraj
  10 mins Q & A
17:30-18:10 40 mins Session 6: Moderated Expert Round Table Discussion
  25 mins Moderated by: Prof. Allan Young
    Discussants: Prof. Jair Soares, Prof. Anthony Cleare, Prof. Paolo Brambilla,
Dr. Eric Ruhe, Dr. Sagar Parikh, Dr. Sudhakar Selvaraj, Elisabetta Caletti,
Valentina Ciappolino, Sara Pozzoli, Viktoriya Nikolova
  10 mins Q & A
  5 mins Closing


What is the ''Round Table Discussion''?

Session 6: Moderated Expert Round Table Discussion will discuss the subjects of the day (knowledge from guidelines, psycho-education and nutritional aspects, augmentation strategies, psychotherapies, and neuromodulatory treatments for difficult to treat depression) and will interactively take questions submitted by the audience.

During the sessions, participants will be able to ask questions via the Q&A. These questions will be answered after the session immediately or taken to the Round Table Discussion.

In addition, during the Round Table Discussion, new questions may be raised and the participants may also use their microphone for a live discussion, as moderated by Prof. Allan Young.